Meat Industry

Ice Systems’ flake ice is often used as a substitute for water within the meat processing and manufacturing sector. Flake ice has approximately four times greater cooling capabilities than cooled water. When creating meat products, such as burgers and sausages, flake ice can help to bind all the ingredients together whilst keeping everything cool and below certain, required temperatures.

Flake ice can be treated like any other ingredient and added in as an inclusion. Flake ice is less aggressive than chip ice on machinery and blades. Subcooled, flake ice is thin and releases its cooling energy quickly without hanging around during the mixing or bowl chopper processes.

EnMixed with the meat in the chopper Flake-ice prevents the product from heating up and brings water in the preparation.. Flake-ice is also widely used to pre-cool birds inside spinchillers.Flake-ice is mixed with offal to slow down the fast rate of depletion.

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